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Beaufield Seeking Copper and Gold in Northern Quebec

Junior miner’s are keen to gain name recognition wherever they can and many do so by adopting project names similar to those of other successful projects. In Beaufield’s case they have a portfolio of projects adjacent to, and named after, a number successful mining operations.

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC–(Marketwired – July 16, 2014) – Beaufield Resources Inc. (“Beaufield”) (TSX VENTURE:BFD) has commenced a summer field exploration program on its wholly-owned Eleonore-Opinaca project, in James Bay, Quebec. Work over the coming weeks will consists of beep-mat assisted prospecting, sampling and surveying over the northern portion of the property, an area adjoining Goldcorp’s property and located 6 kms from the Eleonore world-class gold mine that is set to commence production in 2014. Preliminary data suggests that the underlying geology of this portion of the Beaufield property contains important regional structures that are similar to the formations hosting the neighboring deposits. Beaufield geologists have determined that the area could also host porphyry-style mineralization.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” ]Junior miner’s are keen to gain name recognition wherever they can and many do so by adopting project names similar to those of other successful projects. In Beaufield’s case they have a portfolio of projects adjacent to, and named after, a number successful mining operations. Their Schefferville Property is named after the famous Schefferville iron ore district in Labrador, Eleonore-Opinaca after Goldcorp’s nearby Eleonore Mine project and the Hemlo property after Barrick Gold’s Hemlo mine in Ontario.

What’s interesting about this release is the company is utilizing a “beep-mat” for prospecting. The “beep-mat” is a small geophysical device used to measure electromagnetic and magnetic anomalies within 3 meters of the surface. The device can be useful in areas with overburden (soil and sediment overlying bedrock) to detect conductive bedrock anomalies. By performing this quick low cost survey, the company can effectively plan future work on near surface targets.

The company’s geologists have suggested that the area could be host to porphyry-style mineralization. Porphyry-style mineralization in this case is used to describe dispersed metal sulfides throughout the surrounding rock, similar to those that occur in porphyry-copper deposits. “Porphyry Copper” deposits are the world’s main source of copper and can contain significant gold, silver and molybdenum.[/box]

Summer surface work will cover multiple high value targets on the property, including geophysical and soil anomalies and will follow-up on areas where gold (Au), copper (Cu) and molybdenum (Mo) were previously discovered by Beaufield. An area known as the Snoopy occurrence assayed up to 12% molybdenum in a grab sample. Several other occurrences were also discovered within the same area with values as high as 1.5% Cu and 6.5 g/t Au in different grab samples.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” ]Soils form over time as the bedrock weathers and breaks down and organic matter such as plant material accumulates. Geologists can sample  these soils to determine which areas contain elevated amounts of elements that may indicate mineralized bedrock below. Porphyry deposits are typically abundant in copper, gold and molybdenum. In areas that have been previous glaciated remnants of mineralized rock can be transported great distances by the advancing ice, so it is important that the project geologist understands the nature and formation of the sediment before using these types of surveys.

The company has also stated that grab samples have returned elevated molybdenum, copper and gold. We can assume that these grab samples were from underlying bedrock, however rocks and even large boulders can be transported by glaciers so it’s important to know what you’re looking at. Bedrock mapping and sampling programs can help the geologist understand the property geology.[/box]

Access to the property has considerably improved with the new infrastructure added by Goldcorp at its Eleonore mine. A new road that leads to the mine passes immediately north of Beaufield’s property, this has facilitated Beaufield’s logistics and increased effectiveness.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” ]Access to remote areas can prove problematic for exploration and especially when advancing a project towards mine development. Luckily for Beaufield, the Eleonore-Opineca property is next door to Goldcorp’s Eleonore mine. Recently Goldcorp built a new road north of the Eleonore-Opineca property which has given Beaufield an advantage in accessing their site. [/box]

The Eleonore area is developing into a new world class gold camp with the Goldcorp start-up and other active explorers that include Virginia Mines and Hecla Mining. The area promises to see increased development and has been compared in its potential to early days in other major Canadian mining camps.

Qualified Person

This news release has been prepared by Mathieu Stephens, P. Geo., the Qualified Person, as defined by National Instrument 43-101.

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Beaufield Resources is currently trading at $0.06, hovering between it’s 52-week low of $0.04 and 52-week high of $0.125.


About Beaufield

Beaufield is a mineral exploration company with its exploration activities focused in Quebec. Beaufield is well positioned to advance its portfolio of exploration properties and identify other potential opportunities in the mineral exploration or development stage. Beaufield is actively exploring, well financed, has no debt and has excess work credits on its properties.

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