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CuEq Metal Equivalent Calculator for Mining Results

Primary Metal
Accessory 1
Accessory 2
Accessory 3
Accessory 4


Calculated Results:





Results are calculated using the following formula:

MetalEq (percent) = Gpri + (Gpri × [∑i Ri Si Vi Gi ]/(Rpri Spri Vpri Gpri))
where R is the respective metallurgical metal recovery rate, S is the respective smelter return rate,
V is metal price/tonne, and G is the metal commodity grade for the suite of potentially recoverable commodities (i) relative to the primary metal (pri)

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5 thoughts on “CuEq Metal Equivalent Calculator for Mining Results”

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  4. This is really useful!..
    Going to send this to my friend who will use it every day. Juts a quick note, maybe it’s only me, but seems to be a bit buggy in Firefox browser? Pushes down the screen a little bit when you calculate results.

  5. Exiliadoenelcaribe

    I would really like to know the formula used to do these calculations. Specially how dealt with all the different units and ratios involved (grams, ponds, tonnes, ppm, percents…).

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