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Deposit Types

Ore deposit types. We discuss the geological setting, formation conditions, ore minerals and important examples.

Komatiites and Ni-Cu-PGE deposits

Introduction Komatiites (pronounced ko-ma-tee-ites) are an unusual and very ancient volcanic rock. They are interesting to geologists for their unique “spinifex” texture, their exceptional chemical composition and the high-temperature conditions ...

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Anorthosites: Fe-Ti and Vanadium Deposits

Introduction Many are familiar with the platinum group element and chromite-rich rock sequences, and vanadium magnetite layers of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, South Africa, which make up the world’s largest ...

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Potash and other Evaporite Deposits

Evaporites are water soluble mineral salts that form through the evaporation and concentration of salt water. Evaporite minerals can form huge sedimentary sequences, a remnant of the inland seas and ...

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