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Important mined minerals, metals and other commodities including their uses and sources.

Gold Commodity Overview

Aurum. Au. Geld. Gold. The ransom of kings, the symbol of royalty. The economic motor of empires since antiquity and the killer of civilizations.  For 5000 years it has held an ...

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Cobalt: Commodity Overview

Refined and purified Cobalt

Although cobalt (Co) is well known for the blue dyes that bear its name, metallic cobalt is a lustrous silver-grey. Metallic cobalt is ferromagnetic (can be magnetized) and has a very high ...

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Molybdenum: Commodity Overview

Introduction Molybdenum (Mo, Atomic number 42) is a silvery grey metal, notable for its extremely high melting point (2623°C). It has many uses in the aerospace, military and petroleum industries, ...

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Limestone: Commodity Overview

Limestone is one of the most important and versatile industrial mineral commodities. It is a crucial mineral in the making of Portland cement and mortar, but is also used in ...

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Lithium: Commodity Overview

Lithium (Li) is a metallic element that is most often found in granitic “pegmatites” (intrusive igneous rocks), brines (salty solutions), seawater and clays. In it’s pure form it is soft light silver ...

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Uranium: Commodity Overview

Pitchblende (black), or uraninite, is a major ore of uranium.

Uranium was discovered by Martin Klaproth in 1789. He named this new found discovery after Uranus, in honor of the planet’s discovery in 1781. Uranium’s primary use dates back to 79 ...

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Nickel: Commodity Overview

Man’s first and mostly unintentional use of nickel began with making pottery and tools as early as 3500BC, but it’s intentional use is much more recent. The name “Nickel” is that of a mischievous ...

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Phosphates: Commodity Overview

Phosphate is a basic ingredient for some proteins and is important in the development of bones and teeth in animals. It is also essential in the growth of plants. Phosphate is ...

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