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Geology Writers Wanted!

We are always looking for writers with a strong geology, mining and/or exploration background to contribute original articles to geologyforinvestors.com.

Our audience are the lay-person (non-geologist) interested or actively participating in resource investment projects, particularly junior mining companies. You must be able to write engaging content that speaks to this audience. Article topics may include:

  • Basic educational articles on deposit types, specific deposits or resource regions
  • Interpreting drill results and geochemical data
  • Information on resource estimates, minerals/ores, exploration techniques
  • Specific challenges faced in your part of the world or insights into areas where you have worked.
  • Policy and political issues such as environmental assessments and landowner / stakeholder issues
  • Hard-fought experiences that you have gained: Successes, failures. Specific projects that you have been involved with or are familiar with. Advice to share.
  • New technologies or expertise. Ideas relating to geoscience.
  • Evaluations or reviews of projects, properties or mining prospects (from a geology/exploration perspective only)

You absolutely must have a geology, mineral exploration and/or mining background!

In you’re interested in submitting a write-up on a property, prospect or project, please ensure that you have digital photos or maps to support your articles as well as a location information that can be used for mapping of it’s location.

We accept contributions on an unpaid basis, but offer the following benefits to the writers of accepted contributions:

  • You will be permanently listed as the author for all accepted contributions.
  • Your profile will be shown permanently on our contributors page.
  • Your profile will also be listed on the article page itself and may include links to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Google+ Plus Account and/or Twitter feed.
  • Your  Authorship will be registered with Google and linked to your Google+ profile.
  • We will mention your @twitter account in our article announcement. A good way to gain followers.

Writing for us is an excellent way to gain exposure for your work and expertise! Please contact us to discuss your submission.