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Geology Writers Wanted! (Yes, we now pay!)

We are always looking for writers with a strong geology, mining and/or exploration background to contribute original articles to geologyforinvestors.com.

Though many of our readers are geologist and industry insiders, Our target audience are the lay-person (non-geologist) interested or actively participating in resource investment projects, particularly junior mining companies. You must be able to write engaging, accurate and up-to-date content that speaks to this audience. Article topics may include:

  • Basic educational articles on deposit types, specific deposits or resource regions
  • Interpreting drill results and geochemical data
  • Information on resource estimates, minerals/ores, exploration techniques
  • Specific challenges faced in your part of the world or insights into areas where you have worked.
  • Policy and political issues such as environmental assessments and landowner / stakeholder issues
  • Hard-fought experiences that you have gained: Successes, failures. Specific projects that you have been involved with or are familiar with. Advice to share.
  • New technologies or expertise. Ideas relating to geoscience.
  • Evaluations or reviews of projects, properties or mining prospects (from a geology/exploration perspective only)

You absolutely must have a geology, mineral exploration and/or mining background!

In you’re interested in submitting a write-up on a property, prospect or project, please ensure that you have digital photos or maps to support your articles as well as a location information. We don’t typically accept articles designed to promote a specific project or company, though if you have expertise to share relating to your work on a specific project we’d be happy to take a look. Ultimately we want to educate and inform.

In addition to any payment we may provide, we offer the following benefits to the writers of accepted contributions:

  • You will be permanently listed as the author for all accepted contributions.
  • Your profile will be shown permanently on our contributors page.
  • Your profile will also be listed on the article page itself and may include links to your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page and/or Twitter feed.
  • We will mention your @twitter account in our article announcement. A good way to gain followers.
  • You will get free subscriber access to the site.

Payment is typically $0.10 to $0.25 per word, depending on how much editorial help is required and the level of expertise exhibited in the article. An in-depth knowledge-base article with original images or diagrams might be at the high end of this scale, while a pop-sci article or a basic commodity overview might be at the low end. In addition, an article that is ready-to-publish would be at the high end, while one that requires significant editing or re-writing would be at the low-end (if accepted). We’d be happy to discuss this with you in advance.

Lastly, submissions should be original works written for our site and not published elsewhere.

Writing for us is an excellent way to gain exposure for your work and expertise! Please contact us to discuss your submission.

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