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About Us

Everyday any number of junior mining companies will post new releases and project updates packed with geological descriptions and terminology. While Investors or potential investors will often use this public information in order to determine a company’s worth and progress on a particular project, few actually understand what they are reading. Regardless, many of us make financial decisions based on these obscure bits of data and scientific (or not so scientific) reports.

It is our hope to educate, at least when it comes to exploration and mine geology, and the geoscientific data that accompanies so many company reports.

What we do

At Geology For Investors we seek to demystify mineral exploration and mining projects for resource investors by:

  • Creating a knowledge base of useful articles on exploration geology and geological methods written with the non-professional in mind and,
  • Provide ongoing evaluations of data presented by real companies on current exploration and mining projects.

Our writers and contributors all have a background in geology, mineral exploration or mining. It is our collective goal to become part of your educational process, especially when it comes to geology and mineral exploration.

What we don’t do

While we happily publish our opinions, insight and expertise on mining and exploration projects from a geological and technical perspective, we don’t give specific investment advice. Nor do we accept contributions which give such advice. Why? First and foremost we are not investment professionals and are not qualified to give such advice. Second, even the best mining or exploration projects may fall apart regardless of good geology: Poor management, low commodity prices, skittish capital markets, politics, environmental liabilities and accidents are but a few of the risks that junior mining companies and their investors may face. Please read our Terms of Service.

Please also note that some of our services may be available as a paid subscription or premium service to registered users.

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