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Author name: Natalie Deseta

Natalie Deseta hails from sunny South Africa and holds a BSc Hons in Geochemistry and a PhD in Geology from Wits University. During her time in academe Natalie has carried out research on a wide range of subjects including the geochemistry and microstructures of deep earthquakes, meteorite impact craters, as well as soil hydrology and digital soil mapping using LiDAR and geostatistical techniques. She has also lectured courses in geological mapping, surface processes, mineralogy and metamorphic petrology. A fan of working in the field, her career as a geologist has taken her to many spectacular locations including the Cape Verde Islands, alpine Corsica and the Manicouagan Reservoir in northern Quebec. Natalie is passionate about science communication and illustration and is continually striving to grow her skills in these fields.

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