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Mining Company News Reviews

Our editorial reviews of press releases from the junior miners and other mining companies. We review company news and try to teach the reader about geology and mineral exploration along the way.

  • Location of Cornerstone Miocene project (black outline) along parts of the Culampaja fault zone.

    Cornerstone Restarting Exploration at Chilean Miocene Project

    An extraordinary amount of prospecting and exploration work can be done from behind a desk – and this is especially true for early-stage prospects – but eventually you have to put your money where your mouth is and start ground proofing your th...

  • Camp and Airstrip at Brixton's Thorn Property.

    Brixton Metals Announces Maiden Silver Resource at Thorn

    Thorn is not really in the running as an economic primary silver deposit and it’s no surprise that they’re talking about the sediment-hosted gold prospect: That could prove more interesting in the long run. October 29, 2014 – Brixton Metals Cor...

  • Kaminak's Coffee Gold Project in the Yukon territory of Canada

    Kaminak Expanding Coffee Gold Project with Kona (Seriously)

    Kaminak has provided a link to their full assay results as well as maps and cross-sections outlining their work on this zone. I wish more companies would do this. This allows the reader to view the drill “highlights” as part of the larger pictu...

  • In addition to their flagship project in French Guiana, Columbus Gold has 17 projects in Nevada and two in Arizona.

    Columbus Developing an Exploration Plan for Nevada Gold Targets

    There’s a fair bit of geology in this release and not a lot of hard numbers, but for us this is the best sort of news: We get a glimpse into a company’s rationale and methodology at an early stage in the exploration process. VANCOUVER, BC–...

  • Canadian Zinc's Properties in central Newfoundland, Canada

    Canadian Zinc on the Trail of High Grades in Newfoundland

    In VMS mine environments one of the most basic exploration techniques is to follow the high grades. In deposits like this, the metal compositions can vary significantly and “lenses” of higher grade ore can be identified through careful drill-ho...