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Exclusive evaluations and opinion of junior mining company projects, important and emerging mining and exploration districts. We provide reviews of current exploration and mining projects as well as compelling news from the world of geology and exploration. Our free knowledge base of articles on exploration geology and geological methods is written with the non-professional in mind. Learn the basics of geological exploration, drilling, key commodities and mining. Read about mineral deposit types and important discoveries.

Popular Geology and News

Olivine sample.  Image Credit CC.

Olivine: The Environmentally “Green” Solution to Climate Change?

With increasing industrialization and population growth in many parts of the world, carbon emission increase has no end in sight.  ...

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Artist's depiction of early milky way galaxy.  Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Meteorite Study Shows Formation of our Solar System More Chaotic than Previously Thought

This discovery paints the formation of the early solar system a very chaotic process: full of molten droplets from colliding planets. ...

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Kits Beach Site with Vancouver in Background

Fossil Treasure Trove in Downtown Vancouver

It’s not a common site to see paleontologists studying well preserved and rare fossils in the core of a major metropolitan ...

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NASA Putting Robots in Volcanic Fissures: Next Stop Mineral Exploration?

Aside from the obvious benefits to research, small inexpensive exploration robots may also find a home mineral exploration. Imagine using small robots to ...

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Mining Properties and Project Reviews

Aerial view of Victoria Gold's Eagle Gold Project site.

The Eagle Gold Project Prepares to Take Flight

Introduction The Eagle Gold Project is an advanced stage gold exploration project in the Yukon Territory of Canada and the ...

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View of the "Pink Mountain" zone on the McConnells Jest property

No Laughing Matter: A Greenfield Gold Opportunity in the Yukon

This property is thought to be part of a “Reduced Intrusion Related Gold System” and until the mid-1990’s these types ...

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Nyrstar's Campo Morado Mine in the Guerrero Gold Belt is a VMS deposit containing high grade zinc, copper, lead, gold and silver.

The Emerging Guerrero Gold Belt of Mexico

Overview The 80km-long Guerrero Gold Belt (GGB) lies within Guerrero, a southern state of Mexico. Gold was discovered in the ...

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The Kidd Mine near Timmins, Ontario

The World-Class Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Canada

Overview Several of the world’s largest gold and base metal deposits are found in eastern Canada’s Abitibi greenstone belt (AGB). ...

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Knowledge Base

This large raw sapphire from Baffin Island, Nunavut shows an elongated tapered barrel shape. The smaller faceted sapphire (bottom) is untreated and from the same location.  Image Credit: EOSC UBC

Gemstone Exploration and Deposits in Canada?

Canadian exploration geologists have been at the cutting-edge of developing guidelines and techniques to locate ore bodies rich in gold, ...

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Open Source Data and the Future of Mineral Exploration

As a former database manager of a junior exploration company, I have had the run-down of how data should be ...

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The Mourne Mountain Wall, Northern Ireland.  Image Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Rare Earth Metals in Ireland’s Mourne Mountain a Geologic Puzzle

The Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland’s tallest peaks, are an area of outstanding natural beauty. Plans to turn the Mourne’s into a ...

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Helicopter ZTEM survey in Alaska (

Hunting for Giants: An Introduction to ZTEM Surveys in Mineral Exploration

Overview It may just look like an enormous, flying spider web towed behind a helicopter, but the ZTEM airborne geophysical ...

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