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Exclusive evaluations and opinion of junior mining company projects, important and emerging mining and exploration districts. We provide reviews of current exploration and mining projects as well as compelling news from the world of geology and exploration. Our free knowledge base of articles on exploration geology and geological methods is written with the non-professional in mind. Learn the basics of geological exploration, drilling, key commodities and mining. Read about mineral deposit types and important discoveries.

Popular Geology and News


Are Zombie Companies Plaguing The Toronto Stock Exchange?

This year, 2015, has started with a little more positivity in the Junior Exploration markets, although we are nowhere near ...

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Geologists Going to Mars?

Mars One is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands planning to establish a permanent human colony on Mars by ...

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Partitioned desks

Defining the ‘New Normal': MineSpace in Australia offers an innovative way to work

Extinction events are often cataclysmic, but are also the catalysts for change. Ecosystems rebound and the survivors adapt to fill ...

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The Smallest Miners on Earth … and Beyond!

It is well known that the human need for exploration has driven invention, and perhaps none more so that the ...

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Mining Properties and Project Reviews


Ivanhoe Mines Platreef Project – Game Changer in South Africa

Occasionally deposits are so big and so important we can apply the term – game changer. The Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:IVN), ...

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Noricum Gold Limited – Rotgülden Property, High Grade Gold in Central Europe

More known for the Sound of Music, the waltz and Mozart, Austria has a very long tradition of mining with ...

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Havilah Resources crew in action

Project Review: Havilah Resources To Build Australia’s Next Gold Mine

Havilah Resources [ASX:HAV], based out of Adelaide in Australia, is in an enviable position. The hold a significant sized group of ...

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Stitched Panorama

Project Overview: Novo’s Paleoplacer Gold Downunder

In the annals of geology there are standard deposits which occur worldwide. Their genesis is well understood and their tonnage ...

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Knowledge Base


Great Deposits of The World – Olympic Dam, Australia

This is the first article of many which will look at some of the great mineral deposits of the world. ...

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Bulking Up – The Basic Mined Commodities That Drive Modern Life

If you ask the proverbial ‘person on the street’ what they think of mining and mineral exploration, the obvious response ...

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 The Great Porphyry Copper Deposits of Arizona

“From Morenci, Arizona where the copper mines glow I could see Clifton in the canyon below” –  Open Pit Mine, George ...

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This large raw sapphire from Baffin Island, Nunavut shows an elongated tapered barrel shape. The smaller faceted sapphire (bottom) is untreated and from the same location.  Image Credit: EOSC UBC

Gemstone Exploration and Deposits in Canada?

Canadian exploration geologists have been at the cutting-edge of developing guidelines and techniques to locate ore bodies rich in gold, ...

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