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Popular Geology and News

Structure of the clay mineral kaolinite. Clays are becoming increasingly important in pharmaceutical applications.

Dr. Clay: That mud bath might actually be good for you

Clay is a very fine grained natural rock or soil material made up of one or more clay minerals. As ...

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Eyeshadow, Brenna Daugherty  CC BY 2.0 Flickr

Mining for Cosmetics: Mineralogy and the Ancient Art of Looking Good

Looking over my partner’s makeup ingredients on the weekend made me curious as to where makeup users thought their makeup ...

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Keep your House Warm with “Volcanic Popcorn”

The term ‘volcanic popcorn’ was coined in order to describe the volcanic rock named perlite. Early records include Charles Ballenger ...

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Fertilizer from South Australia’s Sugarloaf Graphite Deposit?

You may not think of farming and mining as two complimentary activities, but what most people don’t know is that ...

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Mining Properties and Project Reviews

Nkana open pit in Kitwe

The Central African Copper Belt

Sediment-hosted copper deposits are the second most important source of copper next to porphyry copper deposits and account for about ...

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Bornite and chalcopyrite mineralization in drill core- Source: Northern Dynasty

Great Deposits – Alaska’s Pebble Copper-Gold Deposit

There are big deposits and then there are supermassive deposits. A big deposit  will have a good 20-40 year resource life at with ...

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Drill Rig on the Romero Property

GoldQuest Mining Corporation – Romero Project

Exploration for mineral deposits is hard. Promising geochemistry can lead nowhere, geophysical anomalies can remain anomalous, alteration zones can get ...

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Bygoo Min

Thomson Resources – Bygoo Tin Project

One of the joys of writing for this site, is that I get to research and discover new properties, companies and ...

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Knowledge Base

Mollusc-rich fossiliferous limestone (Cockburn Town Member, Grotto Beach Formation, Upper Pleistocene; near shoreline of Moon Rock Pond, San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 4 CC BY 2.0 James St. Joohn on flickr

Limestone: Commodity Overview

Limestone is one of the most important and versatile industrial mineral commodities. It is a crucial mineral in the making ...

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img_0841-2 gb2

Great Deposits – Grasberg Part 3 – Mining and Engineering

In our first two articles we discussed the history and geology of the Grasberg Mine and it is now time to come back ...

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Lacustrine mud that is interbedded with salt and saturated with lithium brine underlies the surface of Salar de Uyuni.
"Before Sunrise, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia" CC BY 2.0 Dimitry B. on flickr.

Lithium: Commodity Overview

Lithium (Li) is a metallic element that is most often found in granitic “pegmatites” (intrusive igneous rocks), brines (salty solutions), seawater ...

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Satellite Photo of the Grasberg-Ertsberg Mining district (from Lynn 2006)

Great Deposits- Grasberg Part 2 – Geology

In Grasberg Part 1 we discussed the social and cultural aspects of the Grasberg deposit and outlined it’s long and fascinating ...

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