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Kylie Williams has worked as a geologist in outback Australia, a health & safety coordinator in the Canadian Arctic and as a science communicator for CSIRO. She holds B.Sc. degrees from the University's of Melbourne and Canberra and a M.Sc. from the Australian National University. Her goal is to inform and entertain by translating complex science into everyday language.

Why is Ontario’s Ring of Fire on the Back Burner?

Main deposits and explorers in the Ring of Fire, Ontario

Overview The ‘Ring of Fire’ is a collection of rich greenstone-hosted chromite (Iron-Chromium Oxide) and nickel-copper-platinum group metal (PGM) deposits around McFaulds Lake in northern Ontario, Canada. Discovered relatively recently in ...

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Down-hole Geophysics in Mineral Exporation

A portable bore-hole logging system

Overview During early exploration, particularly in ‘greenfield’ areas away from mines or known mineralisation, very little information is known about the rocks.  If an exploration company has the budget to ...

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