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Reno Creek Project Receives Aquifer Exemption Approval from EPA

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO–(Marketwired – Nov. 23, 2015) – AUC LLC (“AUC“) is pleased to report that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued its formal concurrence with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) Aquifer Exemption recommendation.This decision by the EPA completes AUC’s Permit to Mine for the Reno Creek Project (the Project).

EPA’s Record of Decision, issued October 2015, notes that the portion of the Production Zone Aquifer proposed for the exemption does not serve as a source of drinking water, and that the WDEQ has demonstrated that any fluids injected or mobilized will stay in the aquifer exemption area. EPA also observed that no public comments were received by WDEQ during the public comment period for the aquifer exemption. The Permit to Mine, earlier issued by the WDEQ, affirmed that the mining and processing operations, groundwater restoration, and final reclamation can be accomplished with no significant environmental consequences.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is currently reviewing AUC’s application and is in the process of preparing a Source Materials License and a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for publication.

About AUC

AUC is a U.S. uranium company in the process of developing the Reno Creek Uranium ISR Facility near Wright, Wyoming. AUC has a strong staff with decades of experience in the discovery, development and operation of ISR uranium facilities. The Pacific Road Resources Funds (“PRRF“) have an 89.6% ownership interest inReno Creek Holdings, Inc., (“RCHI”), the holding company of AUC. Bayswater Uranium Corporation has a 10.4% ownership interest in RCHI.

About the Pacific Road Resources Funds

The Pacific Road Resources Funds are managed and advised by Pacific Road Capital Management Pty Ltd (“PRCM”). PRRF are private equity funds investing in the global mining industry. They provide expansion and buyout capital for mining projects, mining related infrastructure and mining services businesses located throughout resource-rich regions of the world. The PRCM team, located in Sydney, Australia, San Francisco, USA, and Vancouver, Canada, is comprised of experienced mining investment professionals that have extensive knowledge and experience in the mining and infrastructure sectors, including considerable operating, project development, transactional and investment banking experience. For further information on the Pacific Road Resources Funds and PRCM, please go to their website at www.pacroad.com.au.

About Bayswater Uranium Corporation

Bayswater Uranium Corporation, owner of a 10.4% indirect interest in AUC, is a uranium exploration and development company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “BYU. Bayswater also owns a 100% interest in the Brudell property located in the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan.


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