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MyDiamondAuction.com Launches, Giving Diamond Sellers Unprecedented Access to Premium Buyers and Highest Possible Price For Their Diamond

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 1, 2016) – MyDiamondAuction.com, the leading authority on online diamond auctions, announced its official launch today. With an extensive background in the jewelry and diamond industries, the company grants consumers first-time access to the world’s largest diamond buying companies. These professional buyers usually pay 2 to 3 times more for diamonds than pawn shops, gold buyers, jewelry stores or other online auction sites.

With a platform that prioritizes consumers over buyers and removes the confusion, emotion, and frustration from the diamond liquidation process, MyDiamondAuction.com bypasses the numerous middlemen who typically buy diamonds from consumers. With this new platform, anyone can sell their diamond to professional, top-tier buyers, which have been traditionally reserved for business-to-business transactions.

“People typically only sell diamonds after suffering a deeply personal loss such as death, divorce or a broken engagement,” said Cesar Meyer, co-founder of MyDiamondAuction.com. “That’s why it is so important that a simple, painless diamond selling option exists — one that doesn’t take advantage of people during life’s most vulnerable moments.”

“The diamond industry uses middlemen and secretiveness to artificially manipulate diamond prices,” continued Meyer. “That means an ordinary person has no way to liquidate a diamond for a reasonable price. MyDiamondAuction.com does away with those middlemen. Plus, we operate on behalf of our customers’ interest, doing everything we can to ensure their diamond sells for the most money possible.”

MyDiamondAuction.com’s diamond selling process begins on their website with an intuitive and short questionnaire. After answering a few questions, each customer receives a free and fully insured FedEx® shipping label. Once their diamond is received at MyDiamondAuction.com’s secure vault, it is professionally cleaned, graded, and photographed so that buyers have everything they need to bid confidently. The diamond is then placed in the next auction, and once the bidding closes, customers get an alert disclosing their diamond’s highest bid. Customers can then accept the highest bid and receive a check for that amount, or reject it, in which case their diamond is returned at no cost.

Contrary to standard practice, MyDiamondAuction.com has built-in mechanisms designed to protect consumers and not the millionaires and billionaires working within the diamond industry. Because the auction is blind, competing buyers increase bids by large margins rather than incremental bids. And, because sellers can reject offers even after the auction has ended, bidders are required to make attractive offers.

“We foresee big changes in the years to come,” said Meyer. “More than ever before, consumers want responsibly sourced diamonds. As the international community demands better business practices, MyDiamondAuction.com will emerge as the diamond industry’s best chance for a bright, healthy future.”

About MyDiamondAuction.com
MyDiamondAuction.com is an industry pioneer offering the premiere platform for consumer-to-business diamond sales. Longtime industry veterans, the company’s founders have created a unique program that grants consumers unprecedented access to the world’s highest paying diamond buyers. If you’re ready to sell diamond jewelry, a diamond ring or a loose diamond, MyDiamondAuction.com is the easiest way to get the most money. To learn more or get started, visit 
https://mydiamondauction.com/?utm_source=pr&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=launch today.

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