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Mocana to Lead Discussion at 2016 ManuSec USA on Industrial IoT Security

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – September 27, 2016) – Mocana, a leading provider of industrial-strength security technology for mission-critical IoT and industrial cloud systems, will be giving a presentation on challenges and opportunities for securing mission-critical systems at 2016 ManuSec USA: Cybersecurity for Critical Manufacturing Summit in Chicago on October 12, 2016. ManuSec’s goal is to bridge the gap between the process control and corporate IT senior level professionals, allowing them to discuss challenges, share experiences and debate best practice guidelines. Mocana’s presence at ManuSec reflects the company’s commitment to leadership in the IoT security market.

Mocana CTO, Dean Weber, will be sharing insights on how security has become an essential part of ensuring trust within the Industrial IoT, especially as more and more devices in the manufacturing sector become IP-connected. Weber will share valuable information on advanced security technologies being employed by device manufacturers and service providers to lock-in trust and safety in their devices. Mocana will also be showcasing their solutions and products at the conference.

“Industrial IoT technology presents tremendous opportunities for manufacturers, but also exposes them to new and significant risks,” said Mocana CTO, Dean Weber. Weber continued, “As IT security meets OT safety in mission-critical IoT applications, a new set of challenges is arising that must be addressed. We are excited to share what we’ve learned by working with global manufacturing leaders and to help advance the conversation regarding how we protect and secure mission-critical systems and facilities.”

For more information on the summit, please go here.

About Mocana

Mocana provides the Mocana Security of Things Platform — a high-performance, ultra-optimized, OS-independent, high-assurance security solution for any device class. The Platform is being rapidly adopted by next-gen IoT device designers who demand architectural freedom, and who understand the complexity and risk exposure inherent in in-house and other solutions. Mocana’s award-winning cryptographic solutions are used in the most stringently-constrained and life-critical systems by Fortune 500 companies, world-leading smart device manufacturers, and government agencies. www.mocana.com


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