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Mayor of Riyadh to Visit NYC, Highlight Saudi City’s Growth

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Sep 22, 2016) – H.E. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Alsultan, Mayor of Riyadh and president of the Arriyadh Development Authority, will be in New York City next week for the United Nations General Assembly. While in NYC, the Mayor will also participate in a pop-up event entitled, “A Day in Riyadh,” which showcases the Saudi capital as a cosmopolitan business hub at the crossroads of three continents.

The event in NYC will highlight Riyadh’s implementation of integrated urban, infrastructure, and environment plans as it achieves the United Nation’s sustainable development goals for the world’s major cities.

The development projects and goals displayed in the workshops throughout the week highlight the positive political, social and economic development occurring in Riyadh, as well as correct misconceptions about the Kingdom.

H.E. Ibrahim bin Mohammed has overseen the development and implementation of many of the current and upcoming projects.

The King Abdulaziz Project for Riyadh Public Transport is currently the biggest transportation project in the world. Once it opens to the public in 2018, the subway and bus lines will rival or surpass world-class public transportation systems in other global capitals.

“Understanding the importance of complementing urban development with social and intellectual development is very important,” said H.E. Ibrahim bin Mohammed. “In addition to the new projects we have started, we also are engaged in the preservation and rehabilitation of Saudi heritage sites such as Wadi Hanifa and Dirriya, and are working hard to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.”

As the city and country make these advancements to achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision and UN sustainable development goals of inclusivity, safety, resilience, and sustainability, women are playing an ever increasing and indispensable role in the process.

Today, women make up over 50 per cent of all college graduates from Saudi universities and have already begun to play a meaningful role in their countries future.

To learn more about the A Day in Riyadh event, please visit: http://www.adayinriyadh.com.



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