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Liberty Star Pays Claim Fees for 2017 – 2018

TUCSON, AZ–(Marketwired – June 26, 2017) – Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (“Liberty Star” or the “Company”) (OTCBB: LBSR) (OTC PINK: LBSR) announces payment for all Company federal lands for 2017-2018. Other Arizona State payments for the Hay Mountain Project area are current.

Liberty Star has completed payment on all Bureau of Land Management federal lode-mining claims (unpatented) for its properties located in Arizona. Liberty Star projects are in Cochise County, Pima County, and Mohave County:

1. Located in Cochise County, southeast Arizona, the 42-square mile Tombstone Super Project area of interest includes the Company’s premier property, the Hay Mountain Project (“Hay Mountain”). Hay Mountain is a multi-target, multi-metal, variable depth exploration project for porphyry copper-gold-moly and multiple potential by product metals including lead, zinc, manganese, silver, uranium, thorium, and rare earth elements. Surface studies (geochemistry, geophysics, x-ray fluorescence) indicate the potential for discovery of a high grade and large sediment and porphyry hosted copper, gold, and moly ore body of the same type as the nearby Bisbee deposit and other commercially important ore bodies throughout southeast Arizona. Liberty Star plans to engage in exploratory drilling as soon as possible.

2. The East Silver Bell Porphyry Copper Project (“Silverbell”) is in Pima County, northwest of Tucson, Arizona within the Silver Bell Mining District. Asarco Mining operates open-pit mines and a solvent extraction plant (SXEW) about 4 ½ miles west of the Silver Bell property. The Company maintains claims covering a previously unrecognized porphyry copper center. The claims currently are within the Ironwood Forest National Monument (the existence of which is currently under review by the US Department of the Interior), established after the claims were staked. Payment was made for 26 unpatented standard federal lode mining claims with an area of 536.03 acres.

3. The exploration-stage North Pipes Super Project is in Mohave County, northwest Arizona near the Utah border on the Arizona Strip. The US Geological Survey notes the Arizona Strip is rich in uranium bearing breccia pipes. While uranium is the most commercially important metal, the pipes contain numerous other metals including copper, silver, vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt, zinc, and nickel. Exploration at North Pipes is for high-grade uranium ore bodies that can be mined economically by underground methods. Eleven standard federal lode mining claims with an area 227.7 acres have been retained over what geophysically appears to be a very large or perhaps a triple breccia pipe.

“James A. Briscoe” James A. Briscoe, Professional Geologist, AZ CA
CEO/Chief Geologist
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.


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