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AVEW’s Eco-Friendly Volcanic Ore Precious Metal Recovery

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – May 17, 2017) – AVEW HOLDINGS Inc., (OTC PINK: AVEW) today announced that the company has a license for a proven and tested three-phase firing precious metal recovery process of volcanic ore. There is an unlimited supply of volcanic ore tailings from current and old proven gold and silver mines throughout the North American continent.

The license agreement reached between Mr. Nunley and AVEW Holdings Inc. comes after a decade of testing and proving a specific process on certain identified ore supplies. This is a heat lynching method and not a wet hazardous chemical process. The method involves a three-stage heat process with a unique flux mixture specifically formulated for the ore body. The process is temperature and time sensitive. Even within the ore body there is not a steady state cook time or temperature and therefore requires constant monitoring for correct consistency and color. In the first phase, the ore is meshed to a very fine state and roasted. The second phase consists of a flux and then it is heated to a certain temperature. The final stage is a second heat process to melt down the ore with another flux mixture and a metal collector is introduced to collect the precious metals. The results are a bar with precious metals and waste of biodegradable material. The waste can be safely dumped in a yard or dumpsite.

The precious metal bar is then sent to a refinery where the precious metals are separated from the bar.

This process requires an ample and safe physical location with a work environment safety program that AVEW has implemented. The selected site will provide sufficient space to allow for significant growth. AVEW will start with a 4 to 6 ton per month process and increase to 12 tons per month.

Commenting on the selection, CEO, Jose Chavez, stated, “We have taken hard steps and expenses to test and prove that the materials, ores and precious metal recovery method is viable and profitable. AVEW management team has on-hands experience and technical support to assure all phases of the AVEW Precious Metal Recovery process are successful.”


AVEW Holdings is in the retail and wholesale business of precious metals. AVEW Holdings is in the business of Precious Metal recovery from ore bodies.

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