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Assay Results Show Silver at Standfast-Wigwam Zinc Project

Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – February 21, 2019) –  Spey Resources Corp. (CSE: SPEY) (“Spey” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that assay results have been received from 29 rock samples obtained from the Company’s Standfast-Wigwam Project located in the Kootenay Arc in south-eastern British Columbia. Results include 28.60 grams per tonne (gpt) silver, 17.95 % lead and 11.95% zinc from a 60 centimeter chip sample within the northern area of the Main Zone. Numerous samples returned elevated silver (Ag), lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) with 11 samples returning greater than 8% combined lead and zinc.

Of the 29 rock samples, 25 were chip and grab samples of fine grained quartzite and limestone (silicified), containing visible sulphide mineralization, taken over a 425 metre long northern section. Four chip and grab samples were obtained from a 250 metre long southern section where massive sulphide mineralization, brecciation and silicification were noted. All samples were taken from the Main Zone that has been traced for over three kilometres.

These initial rock sample results indicate a northwesterly trending area of interest worthy of continued exploration, with potential for near surface zinc-lead-silver mineralization. Silver values appear to show a previously unrecognized increase in grade related to silicification (silic) as noted by the samplers.

Sample results are tabulated and summarized in the table below:

Sample# Location UTM E UTM N Chip/Grab* Sample Description Ag g/t Pb % Zn %
32251 N Main 431596.6 5636652 65cmm chip silic band mass sulph, sph 20.1 5.21 2.34
32252 N Main 431643.3 5636639 1.0m chip band silic lmst, sph-gal-py 4.72 3.02 6.1
32253 N Main 431643.3 5636639 80cm chip adjoining bottom of 32252 1.51 1.61 7.33
32254 N Main 431643.3 5636641 1.0m chip adjoining bottom of 32253 2.21 2.96 5.51
32255 N Main 431643.3 5636645 1.0m chip start 1.0m above 32252 9.31 3.68 1.83
32256 N Main 431675.1 5636653 1.0m chip bx-silic lmst, po-py-sph 3.01 0.48 2.9
32257 N Main 431694.2 5636642 1.0m chip band sulph, gal-sph-py 2.07 2.93 3.48
32258 N Main 431882.5 5636555 2.50m chip band sulph, po-py-gal-sph 8.64 3.74 0.59
32259 N Main 431870.3 5636632 30cm grab silic limst, band py-sph-gal 13.8 5.67 3.78
32260 N Main 431858.7 5636612 float grab silic lmst, 20cm gal bands 5.22 8.94 0.11
32261 S Main 432444.9 5636410 25cm grab mass py-po-sph, carb-bx 0.92 0.51 6.15
32262 S Main 432443 5636425 25cm grab band bx silic lmst, gal-sph 10.4 1.13 3.14
32263 N Main 432622 5636364 grab mudstn frags in quartzite 0.57 0.1 0.07
32401 N Main 431540.6 5636653 1.5m grab f.g. dk-gry mass sulph 2.36 0.91 4.09
32402 N Main 431540.6 5636655 grab-float wht silic lmst, py-gal-sph 3.2 0.86 3.39
32403 N Main 431535.6 5636694 40cm chip silic bx limst, f,g. gal-sph 5.03 0.67 6.56
32404 N Main 431525.1 5636672 1.0m chip dk gry band mass sulph 1.32 0.52 2.26
32405 N Main 431514.2 5636688 60cm chip bx silic lmst, gal-sph-py 28.6 17.95 11.95
32406 N Main 431607.7 5636643 60cm chip silic lmst, f.g. gal-sph-py 9.32 11.4 1.34
32407 N Main 431618.5 5636621 50cm chip Silic cryst limst f.g. gal-sph 10.55 7.59 0.45
32408 N Main 431649.2 5636638 80cm chip quartzite, f.g. band sulph 33.3 5.42 1.54
32409 N Main 431666.4 5636632 1.0m chip dk gry lmst, v.f.g. sphal-gal 3.79 3.88 8.19
32410 N Main 431718.5 5636626 50cm chip f.g. band mass sulph po-sph 3 2.25 3.18
32411 N Main 431754.3 5636582 60cm chip chert, f.g. band mass sulph 2.64 0.77 2.88
32412 N Main 431831.6 5636562 1.0m chip crystl limst, py-gal-sphal 4.82 0.75 2.7
32413 N Main 431854.3 5636626 1.0m chip gry-wht band limst, gal 0.59 0.3 0.7
32414 N Main 431802.3 5636618 50cm chip gry-wht band lmst, <5% sul 1.36 1.69 0.75
32415 S Main 432478.5 5636381 20cm chip x-cut fault zone, gal-sph-py 2.93 1.88 7.32
32416 S Main 432442.7 5636421 40cm chip silic limst, po-sph-py, < gal 9.9 1.61 7.59


“Spey is encouraged by the previously un-recognized increase in silver grades related to silica content in samples with low Pb values,” said David Thornley-Hall, President of the Company. “We look forward to continuing to gain a better understanding of this compelling prospect.”

*The reader is cautioned that grab samples are, by nature, selective and may not be representative of average grades on the property.

All rock samples were dried, crushed to 70% passing 2mm, then split to 250g, then pulverized to 75% passing 75um, at ALS Canada Ltd. (an Accredited Laboratory, ISO 17025:2005 Certified) in North Vancouver, BC. A portion of the resulting pulps were digested with aqua regia in a graphite heating block. After cooling the solution is diluted with deionized water and analyzed by ICP-AES (inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry) for 51 elements. Ore grade samples containing >10,000 ppm Pb or Zn were also analyzed by ICP-AES to quantify the Pb and Zn to a percentage level (ME-OG46 assay procedure). ALS inserts blanks and standards and provides check re-samples at various intervals for each sample shipment analyzed to verify data.

About Spey Resources Corp.

Spey is a Vancouver-based mineral exploration company exploring for silver, lead and zinc in British Columbia and also exploring in the La Sal vanadium, uranium district in eastern Utah. For additional information on the Company and its properties, please visit the Company’s website: www.speyresources.ca or email: [email protected].

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