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Mineral Exporation

Exploration methods and concepts.

QA/QC of Geochemical Data

QC duplicate analysis -geochemsitry

Quality assurance (QA) is a proactive approach to ensuring that chemical analyses of rock and soil samples are correct and accurate. QA systems and procedures occur before a batch of ...

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Seismic Surveys

seismic survey

Oil and gas exploration Commonly, seismic surveys are used in oil and gas exploration to identify structures and rock layers deep  underground. In the industry, this is called seismic stratigraphy. ...

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Location, Location, Location

An ore hauling icebreaker, the MV Arctic, used by the logistically-challenged Polaris Mine

Finding an economic mineral deposit is a big deal, but few geologists get to add “found a mine” to their resume. Why? Economic conditions such as commodity prices and availability ...

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