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Alliance Scale Test Weights Provide NIST Traceable Calibration

CANTON, MA–(Marketwired – Dec 9, 2015) – Alliance Scale, Inc. distributes a full line of Class F cast iron grip handle weights that are ideally suited for calibrating and field testing portable commercial legal-for-trade scales.

Alliance Grip Handle Test Weights provide full NIST traceability and come in 10 to 100 lb. sizes; offered in inch, metric, and troy ounces. Ideally suited for calibrating and validating the proper setup of scales prior to a new work shift, these Class F cast iron density 7.2 grip handle weights are finished with a special etching process and a chip-resistant paint.

Helping to prevent invoicing and maintenance discrepancies, Alliance Grip Handle Test Weights provide a fast and easy way to spot check scales. Typical users include equipment installers, service technicians, and national, state, and municipal government officials.

Alliance Grip Handle Test Weights are priced from $85.00 each; available at www.alliancescale.com.

About Alliance Scale, Inc.

Alliance Scale, Inc. is a value-added distributor for major manufacturers of industrial scales and weighing systems. The firm supports and supplies a wide range of scales for industrial, commercial, grocery, retail, research, and laboratory applications including software and printers. They sell and service scales ranging from portable pocket scales to counting and portioning scales, bench scales, industrial floor scales, in-motion checkweighers, on-board weighing systems, crane scales, floor scales, mixing and portioning scales, and sophisticated weighing systems for motor homes, trucks and railcars. Alliance Scale also serves the grocery and retail trades directly and offers a complete label service for both stock and custom labels.


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